The Dyad Ratios Algorithm for creating time series from scattered survey marginals


Wcalc6.1 — for Vista, Windows 7,  Windows 8, and Windows 10:

(Wcalc 6.1 extends Stata file capability to versions 13 and 14.)

(Version 6.11 includes a fix to the daily estimation print routine.)

Download  Zipped Wcalc6.exe



Wcalc5 — for Windows NT, 2000, XP

Download  Zipped Wcalc5.exe

Update Documentation

Documentation for legacy Wcalc (Wcalc4)

Mcalc — For Mac (without graphical interface)

Download  Zipped Mcalc

This is an OS X console program which prompts for user input. It produces the same estimates as the Windows and R versions. There is no specific documentation.

For R Platform (R function extract)

Download Zipped Code

Documentation (Updated July, 2018 to include information about coercing class date in R)

RTFBeamer — Converts “Outline/RTF” versions of PowerPoint slides into Beamer files