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The Dyad Ratios Algorithm for creating time series from scattered survey marginals


Wcalc6.1 — for Vista, Windows 7,  Windows 8, and Windows 10:

(Wcalc 6.1 extends Stata file capability to versions 13 and 14.)

(Version 6.11 includes a fix to the daily estimation print routine.)

Download  Zipped Wcalc6.exe



Wcalc5 — for Windows NT, 2000, XP

Download  Zipped Wcalc5.exe

Update Documentation

Documentation for legacy Wcalc (Wcalc4)

Mcalc — For Mac (without graphical interface)

Download  Zipped Legacy Mcalc

This is an OS X console program which prompts for user input. It produces the same estimates as the Windows and R versions. There is no specific documentation. Note: Mcalc is 32 bit software, compiled by a now obsolete Xcode, which will not run on Mac OS X version 15 and newer.

Download Zipped Mcalc64

This is the original (2005) mcalc code recompiled by a 2021 64 bit version of Xcode. This runs on the newest (15 and newer) versions of Mac OS X. It is slated to be revised and modernized.

Documentation for Mcalc64.

For R Platform (R function extract)

Download Zipped Code

Documentation (Updated July, 2018 to include information about coercing class date in R)

RTFBeamer — Converts “Outline/RTF” versions of PowerPoint slides into Beamer files